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Full moon rituals and manifesting are almost as old as time itself. Practiced for centuries, these lunar ceremonies are used to connect with the natural world, express gratitude, and to manifest. We explore the origins of moon rituals and how to practice them

What are moon rituals?

The natural world moves to a rhythm of cycles. The enigmatic pull of the moon has been written about for centuries. Indigenous societies around the world, have revered the moon and all that she symbolises. Our ancestors worked with these natural cycles, naturally connecting to something larger than themselves. Each full moon is the end of a 28 day cycle. Crucially, when the full moon appears, she is accompanied by the pinnacle of her lunar energy. Moreover, that makes a full moon the perfect time to manifest.

The Moon & Nature Connection

When you connect with the moon, you connect with nature. The cycles of nature are embedded in the moon’s rhythm. The moon influences, time, tides and light. It is an enduring, eternal divine presence, a calendar of seasons and time in and of itself. Birds navigate their migration using the moon. Nocturnal critters forage, navigate and hunt by moonlight. Connecting and working with the moon is hard wired into every living creature. As for humans? Ancient wisdom traditions around the globe named each moon, planted in tandem with it, using lunar cycles to harvest their crops. This knowledge was passed down through the generations and is still used today.

How do you manifest with the moon?

Put simply, manifesting means to set an intention, create a goal around that intention and take action. There’s an alchemy that takes place when you manifest and begin to move forward. As Goethe famously said, when we take that first step towards our dreams, there is a magic that happens. More importantly, when you manifest in synchronicity with the lunar cycle, you work with its natural rhythm. You’re plugging in to natural transformation.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Manifesting Magic
Manifesting Magic

Examples of Full Moon Rituals in Nature

You can amplify your intentions when you practice a moon ritual. By working with the rhythms of the natural world, you supercharge your manifesting. Think of a moon ritual as a time to create space for reflection, express gratitude, and to manifest. Importantly, you’re connecting to the intense energy of the universe and putting your dreams out there. Examples of moon rituals are:

  • Connect with the energies of the moon. Ground yourself.
  • Firstly, you can moon watch or moon bathe. Moreover, if you can do this outdoors, it’s especially powerful.
  • Secondly, you can practice a full moon meditation. Observe the moon as she moves through the night sky. Particularly, pay attention to subtle energies in the landscape.
  • Or, in addition, you can create a moon ritual. These are used to release & let go of what no longer serves you. For example, to banish imposter syndrome. Create a self confidence ritual and mantra. Moreover, you can call in more of what you do want at the same time.
  • Attend a moon circle.

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