Mindfulness in Nature Journal Course

Our Mindfulness in Nature Journal Course will introduce you to the science of mindful journalling. You’ll learn creative practices. Strategies that you can to take out in the natural world to be more mindful. Our mindfulness in nature journalling practices can be used anywhere. In cities, towns or out in the wild. Furthermore, you’ll get to explore the interplay between mindfulness and creativity. Moreover, you’ll learn how to use these creative practices to become more mindful in nature, every single day.

You’ll discover how to incorporate all of your senses. Most importantly, how it feels to be truly alive to nature. Furthermore, we’ll talk about the importance of creativity and how to create more of it in your day, wherever you are. More importantly, you’ll discover how to truly connect to the world around you. You’ll leave knowing the benefits of mindfulness in nature journalling and how to practice nature journalling with confidence. Above all, you’ll have fun.

Who Should Attend this Mindfulness in Nature Journal Course?

Our Mindfulness in Nature Journalling course is for you if:

  • You’re creative and you love being in nature
  • You’re passionate about the environment and want to know more. For instance how time in nature affects our response to climate change
  • You want to explore nature more mindfully
  • You want practical tools to increase your own wellbeing (and the wellbeing of those around you)
  • You want to train, for example in mindfulness, ecopsychology or ancient wisdom traditions
  • You’re a coach or therapist and want to expand the tools you use with powerful nature based practices
  • Finally, you’re looking for an ethical, committed mindfulness in nature course provider

What this Mindfulness in Nature Journalling Course Includes

  • Firstly, what Mindfulness is
  • Secondly, how mindfulness and nature is connected to health and wellbeing
  • The concept of mindful journalling
  • How mindful journalling creates a structure to connect with the natural world
  • The science behind mindful journalling
  • Creative practices to deepen your connection to nature
  • How to incorporate mindfulness into writing, drawing and recording
  • You’ll explore seasons, energy, plant and wildlife
  • Importantly, support during and after the course
  • Lastly, post training support to embed your mindfulness in nature learning

How Long is this Course?

This is a 5 hour online course.

Where is this Mindfulness in Nature Journalling Course

This course is delivered

  • Online and live
  • Online and recorded. With this option you can learn at your own pace.
Mindfulness in Nature Journal Course
Mindfulness in Nature Journal Course

Designed by Experts

At mindful Rewilding we’re committed to lifelong learning. For example, Gill Thackray, founder of Mindful Rewilding lives and works in the UK Lake District. Moreover, we live what we teach and are certainly more than just a little bit wild ourselves. We’re on the mindful rewilding path and can guide you on your own unique mindfulness in nature journey. 

In addition, we are committed to creating a safe and supportive space for personal transformation. Come as you are, you will certainly be warmly welcomed. Likewise, all of our mindfulness in nature courses are trauma informed.

Our Mindfulness in Nature Credentials

Gill Thackray, our lead trainer, is a performance psychologist, lecturer and coach. She is the author of several books including The Mindfulness Coach & The Positivity Coach(Michael O’Mara Books, London) and How to Manifest, Bring your Goals into Alignment with the Alchemy of the Universe (Penguin Random House, US).

More importantly, she is a qualified mindfulness teacher. Therefore, she adheres to UK Good Practice Guidelines. As a result, she is a BAMBA certified teacher on the UK Teachers Register. Moreover, she is IMTA professionally certified mindfulness teacher, holding an MSc in Mindfulness Studies from Aberdeen University. In addition, she is currently conducting PhD research into indigenous wisdom traditions and ecopsychology. At Mindful Rewilding we’re constantly updating ourselves (and creating) cutting edge research into mindfulness in nature.

Gill lecturers and teaches. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Cardiff University. In addition, she is a member of the British Neuroscience Association. Furthermore, she is a fully qualified Qigong and Shibashi teacher in the Dragon’s Gate Lineage.

Fancy a Taster?

Lastly, we recognise that sometimes you’ll want to dip your toe in the rewilding water first. Or, discover if our course is for you. We agree, learning something new is a commitment. It’s also a financial investment you’ll want to be sure about. So, we’ve got you covered. That’s why we’ve created a series of free resources. Head over to our free resources page & download our free toolkits. Discover more about mindfulness in nature straight away:

  • Mindfulness in Nature Tips Toolkit
  • Lake District Themed Mindful Journalling Toolkit
  • Build Your Resilience Toolkit (over at our sister site, Koru Development)
  • Discover more about ancient wisdom traditions, mindfulness and eco-psychology in addition to the scientific evidence for our work at Mindful Rewilding’s blog

Book Your Mindfulness in Nature Journal Course

Get in touch and discover more about: 

  • Course aims, objectives and outcomes 
  • Course content
  • The benefits of mindfulness in nature
  • How the course can help you navigate the modern world and become more mindful in nature
  • The course pathway for additional training

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