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The benefits of mindfulness in nature are so profound that nature on prescription is a legitimate wellbeing intervention. When you spend time outdoors you’ll be less stressed, your neuroplasticity increases. You’re happier. Getting closer to the earth will create calm and bring you an inner peace like nothing else. We explore the benefits of mindful rewilding.

The benefits of mindfulness in nature
The benefits of mindfulness in nature

Connecting with nature will change you and, as a result, your relationship the world you live in. We like to think of mindfulness in nature as soul work and it is, but, more importantly, there’s solid science behind it. What happens to your brain when you begin to rewild yourself is impressive.

Neurogensis & Mindful Rewilding

Groundbreaking research led by neuroscientist, Peter Eriksson in the late 90s found that the human adult brain could create new cells. Known as neurogenesis, the brain forms new cells from neural stem cells. At the time, this discovery provided a new approach to neuroplasticity, that is to say, the brain’s ability to produce new neurons. Importantly, up until this point it was believed that our brains couldn’t generate new cells. Thanks to Eriksson research into neuroplasticity since then has snowballed. That’s great news for us. It means our brains can rewire themselves. So how do we rewire? Well, we like to think of it as a process of rewild and rewire.

How to Increase Neurogenesis

Admit it, you knew we were going to say having new experiences in nature, didn’t you? Any new experience will do, but when you’re in the natural world, you get more bang for your buck (that’s why we practice mindfulness in the Lakes). You’ll find many benefits associated with mindfulness in nature. Neurogenesis, for example, is just one of them:

  • Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) increases, encouraging neurogenesis
  • Improved mood
  • Decrease in stress
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • The absorption of vitamin D increases
  • Your circadian rhythm (internal clock) is properly aligns improving sleep
  • Blood pressure decreases
  • Improved immune system

Indigenous Wisdom Traditions and Ecopsychology

For millennia, wisdom traditions have recognised the importance of connecting with the earth. Firstly, that deep respect acknowledges the symbiotic relationship between the earth and everything living on it. We’re inextricably connected. Secondly, as a result, when we re-connect, consciously creating time to be close to the earth, we slow down. We hear the steady rhythm of the earth’s heartbeat. We dial down the noise of the modern world. By moving closer to our indigenous roots, we can take a step back, more importantly, gaining perspective on what truly matters and that’s why we’re all about mindful rewilding.

Discover more about being more mindful in nature with our free mindfulness in nature resources. or join us on one of our mindfulness in nature courses or get in touch to see how we can work together

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