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Want to discover more about mindful rewilding? Our Free Mindfulness in Nature Tips Toolkit will guide you through how to be more mindful in nature.

Free Mindfulness in Nature Tips Toolkit

Free Mindfulness in Nature Tips Toolkit

Firstly, we’ll explore how nature helps mindfulness in nature. We’ll take a look at the research around mindfulness in nature and what’s going on when we’re in a natural environment (here’s a clue – we relax more). Secondly, you’ll get to see the benefits of mindfulness in nature and, more importantly what studies have found happens in our brains and our bodies.

What’s in the Free Mindfulness in Nature Tips Toolkit?

Then you’ll be guided through a series of mindfulness in nature practices:

  • Mindful Walking
  • Connecting with all of your Senses
  • Mindful Journalling in Nature

Mindfulness in Nature Checklist

There’s a mindfulness in nature checklist for you to use when you’re in the great outdoors (and before you go).

Digital Nature

Can’t log off? We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s hard to make time to get out. The evidence shows that virtual nature can positively impact your wellbeing. So when you can’t get outside we’ve added a gallery of beautifully curated images depicting natural settings.

Finally, we’ll talk about why creating a nature awareness plan before you get out into the great beyond can enhance your wellbeing.

We’ve also included links to research along with our blogs and resources.

Want to know more? We offer courses in all things mindful rewilding. Whether you want to learn more about forest bathing or you’d like to become a certified mindfulness in nature guide, we’ve got what you need. Come and say hello.