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How do you create a spiritual nature connection? What’s more, why would you want to? Researchers have discovered that time in nature has profound wellbeing benefits. It’s great for our brain and our body. Nature connection even increases our concern for the planet. But what about our spirit? We explore how to create a spiritual nature connection.

Nature Connection & Spirituality

Our ancestors knew that they were in a deep & profound relationship with nature. That relationship was characterised by reciprocity. That is to say, their lives were inseparable from the earth they lived on. In other words, they lived in harmony with nature. Above all, they didn’t try to control or exploit it. They acknowledged their sacred place within the natural world. The more time you spend in nature, the more obvious this becomes. We’re all part of life on earth, connected to the cosmos. However, our modern lives leave us disconnected from the natural world. We’ve lost that understanding. We no longer live as our ancestors once did. We see ourselves as “other” not part of nature. So, how can we reconnect to our ancestral wisdom? How can we recreate that innate spiritual connection with the earth?

Create a Spiritual Nature Connection
Create a Spiritual Nature Connection & Connect

The Intricate Web of Life

Whether we see it or not, we’re part of the universal web of life. When we begin to recognise that, we start to notice the sacred in everything. Mountains, rivers, lakes, trees and animals. Everything holds that sacredness within it. Yes, even you and me. We’re all part of the mystery. It’s impossible to separate yourself. Furthermore, when we can see this, there’s an opportunity to dial down the ego. To reconnect with your wild self, for instance. To recognise our own insignificance. Moreover, there’s something incredibly reassuring about the perspective that insight brings.

How to Create a Spiritual Nature Connection

It’s not until you connect with nature that you begin to sense the awe inherent in the smallest detail in the natural world. What’s more, once you notice, you won’t be able to stop. It’s mindful rewilding at it’s best. A doorway to meet your wild indigenous self. To recall your own belonging to this wild and incredible earth. So how do we move away from the onslaught of constant connection & false separation? Most importantly, how do we step into the sacred?

Steps to Deepen Your Connection

  • Firstly, carve out time to be in nature, for example, go to a park
  • Find somewhere to sit for instance, a beach or under a tree. Absorb nature
  • Let go of what you think you know. Adopt a beginners mind towards nature
  • Connect your body with nature. For instance, lay on the ground or touch a tree. What physical sensations do you notice? What emotions are present for you?
  • Surrender to your on insignificance in the cosmos
  • Sense the energy, vitality and renewal in nature. Notice, for example, how that energy manifests in you
  • Notice the subtle energies in nature. What do they communicate?

Nature Connection is Innate

Your spiritual connection is already inside you. Time in nature will bring it to the surface. Help you to rediscover it. You’ll find it’s not complicated and it isn’t difficult. That’s something the ancestors that came before you knew well. You might even sense their presence as you connect to the mystery.

Discover more about connecting spiritually with nature by diving into our blogs. Want to learn more about ecopsychology and wellbeing? Explore our free mindfulness in nature resources Or join us on one of our mindful Rewilding courses . Come and say hello, we’d love to see you.

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